We have a long history, photography and I. Long story short: photography pursued me for years, and I played hard to get. I flirted with it in high school, but treated it like a fling. Unable to fully commit, I kept it at a safe distance during college (#lenswithbenefits). I even married another profession, but divorced it after a few years when I realized photography had my heart. 

I was afraid I would ruin my passion for photography by making it a career. I ending up learning that passion can be stubborn. But if you let it, it will lead to your purpose. Photography is what I was made to do. 

Let me share something embarrassing with you -
I tried to break up with photography.

Welcome, friends! I'm happy you found me!

I'll never forget the time a guest came up to me at a wedding I was photographing and said, “You must really love doing this. You’ve been smiling all night!”
I absolutely love what I do and am honored to be trusted with capturing moments that will be treasured forever. I'm excited to show you a glimpse into the way I see the world through my lens.

Cleveland is where I call home. I live with my fashion designer boyfriend and two crazy golden retrievers. Every night the four of us play a game of “let’s try to all fit on the couch.” I’m a devoted plant mom of 47 (and counting). My favorites have names. And yes, of course I talk to them. I think that’s how I manage to keep them all alive. I travel as much as my wallet will let me (and sometimes when it doesn’t). I blame all of my best and worst personal qualities on being half Italian. I'm a big fan of sarcasm and laughing at my own jokes. My childhood nickname was T.J. and between you and me, I wish it would’ve carried over into adulthood. Most people call me Tiff. Just don’t call me ‘Fanny’ (Thank God that one didn’t stick…).

I’m an ENFP. If you know what that means, we’re probably going to be best friends. If you’re thinking “what the..?”, don’t worry. I’d be happy to talk your ear off about personality types when you have five hours to spare. I’m a licensed mental health counselor. I love all things related to personality, birth order, human behavior- all that jazz. I’ve come to find that many of my counseling skills easily transfer to my work as a photographer. My listening skills are on point. Plus, if you get a case of wedding day jitters, I’ve got ya covered. 

let’'s create together

Lucky for me, (and for you), photography wasn't the one that got away. 

Check out my podcast interview with Tom Sawyer to hear me talk about why it took me twelve years to finally pursue full-time photography! 

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