Every couple has a unique love story.
I want to tell yours.

The breath you hold as you read their handwritten letter. Your nervous laughter when you can't quite get the ring on your partner's finger. The happy wiggly dance you both do when you think no one is watching. The secret looks at each other you steal all day. When the day is done, photographs are all that is left to remind us of what we felt.. what makes us human. This is why being asked to document a couple's story is truly the greatest honor. I'm beyond grateful for the people who invite me into their most personal life moments and trust me to Preserve them. I will follow my intuition and tell Your story the way it deserves to be told.

Your wedding day Photos aren't about redos or spending time setting up the perfect shot.
To me, the real magic of this work is found in preserving the genuine, real-time, emotional moments that can't be re-staged. posed photos are important, but It's those candid, natural, imperfect moments that you’ll want to remember. Very few days in your life will create the emotional honesty that you’ll experience on your wedding day and I will be there to capture every bit of that for you.

because it's about you

Their wedding day has them written all over it. They marry each other standing in a small circle of loved ones. They write their own vows and promise to eat oreos and name their plants together. They make a pit stop at home just to kiss their dog. They jump in the pool after dancing their asses off. They play yard games, serve tacos, and skip the bouquet + Garter toss because TRADITIONS don't always fit.

Your wedding is about you. Do whatcha Want.

The artsy ones, the “up for anything” ones, the quirky ones - You are my kind of people. When I’m matched up with you, I create my best work.

My couples do things a little differently

wedding coverage starts at $4,199

wedding coverage starts at $4,199

take me with you

Not getting married in Cleveland? Not a problem. I love shooting somewhere new! Eloping? Awesome! Small, nontraditional weddings make me giddy. Wherever your vows take you, I want to be there! I work with each out-of-town couple to customize a package that works for both of us. 

Questions? I've Got Answers.

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